What we offer

Course content

HSeT provides course content that comes in the form of media-rich web pages, including:

• text on specific topics
• illustrations and animations
• links to scientific literature
• a glossary
• a search tool
• a note taking tool for students to annotate web pages

Teaching tools

HSeT provides original teaching tools to help trainers make the most of their teaching. These include:

• annotated scientific articles to be used in journal club session
• interactive clinical cases to be explored individually or in small groups as part of problem-based learning
• guided analysis of clinical trials to be used in workshops
• virtual slides and related web pages on the functional anatomy of tissues to be used in histology practicals
• self-assessments

Customized websites

HSeT develops training programs for teaching institutions. Training programs are delivered through institution-specific websites and customized to the needs of specific groups of learners as defined by the institutions themselves. They can be used to augment an existing curriculum or construct a new curriculum. They can be reviewed by learners in a self-directed way or in combination with traditional face-to-face teaching.