The four students of the class 2016 have completed the master program and have received 60 ECTS credits and the diploma from the University of Lausanne.

IMVACC ( , a Master Advanced Study of Immunology offered by the University of Lausanne, comprises one year of on-line teaching of vaccinology followed by a six months to one year master thesis on a vaccine-related activity

The titles of the master thesis of the 4 trainees were the following:

  • “Potential use of microarray patches for vaccine delivery in low- and middle- income countries” from Nicolas Peyraud that was published in Vaccine (2019. 37:4427-4434)
  • “Challenges and opportunities in introducing HPV vaccine in Cameroon and other African countries” from Luc Christian Gwom
  • “10 years of experience in the acquisition of vaccines for the Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI) in Mexico”. from Rodrigo Romero Feregrino
  • “A cross sectional study into the expanded programme on immunization vaccine (EPI) cold chain management” from Bontle Motloung