December 1st 2020

The 2020 Biobanking course that started on March 6th 2020
ended on December 1st 2020 with 4 Round table sessions.
Out of the 10 participants, 9  passed the final exam and
received a certificate with 5 ECTS credits from the University
of Lausanne

This biobanking course organized by the Pasteur Institute Bioresources network (PIBnet), the European Virus Archive goes Global consortium (EVAg), and HSeT aimed to enhance the transfer of knowledge on biobanking by providing an online and practical training. An three months Online training period in the spring was followed by 4 round tables to present and discussion practical aspects related to biobanking including legal, quality and logistic issues, as well as examples of viral biobanks their role, organization and sustainability. The training period terminated with a final exam with a certificate of 5 ECTS credits from the University of Lausanne.