The 16 students of the class 2020 have completed the module 2
“Vaccine development” and the module exam. 15 students have
successfully passed the exam and received an attestation with
15 ETCS credits.

Information on the IMVACC program can be found on the IMVACC website

The University of Lausanne (UNIL) is offering an International Master in Vaccinology (IMVACC) developed by the Swiss Vaccine Research Institute (SVRI) and the Health Sciences e-Training Foundation (HSeT) in collaboration with the Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV).

IMVACC comprises one year of on-line teaching of vaccinology followed by a one year master thesis on a vaccine-related activity (industry, basic or translational research, regulatory affairs, etc.). The thesis project can be carried out in the trainee’s institution or in a hosting laboratory. Graduates will gain a broad knowledge of how vaccines are designed, developed, manufactured and implemented through public health programs.

Registration for the class 2021 is now closed.
Students interested by the master program can find information on the IMVACC website.