The Faculty of Science of the University of Geneva launches the CAFE-S program to optimize the orientation of future students.  Shortcomings in disciplines such as mathematics often handicap students when they begin their studies at the Faculty of Science. They can also lead them to make poor career choices. In collaboration with HSeT, a new device aims to improve this situation.

Future students are often unaware of the levels required when they begin their studies at the Faculty of Science. This is particularly true in secondary but eliminatory subjects (for example mathematics for a bachelor’s degree in biology). This situation leads to hesitation during the first year and the possible reorientation towards other studies. To remedy this situation, the CAFE-S program intends to provide the students with the tools and necessary framework to follow a program of self-assessment and self-study centered on mathematics. These are indeed essential for studies in chemistry and biochemistry, biology, pharmaceutical sciences, as well as earth and environmental sciences. The CAFE-S program will then be gradually extended to the other secondary disciplines of the bachelors offered by the Faculty, then to the main disciplines. Self-assessment and self-study in mathematics has been implemented thanks to a cooperation agreement signed by the Faculty of Science with an international academic website, OMB+, hosted by the University of Aachen. Chapel.