2020 Biobanking course

2020 Biobanking course

December 1st 2020

The 2020 Biobanking course that started on March 6th 2020
ended on December 1st 2020 with 4 Round table sessions.
Out of the 10 participants, 9  passed the final exam and
received a certificate with 5 ECTS credits from the University
of Lausanne

This biobanking course organized by the Pasteur Institute Bioresources network (PIBnet), the European Virus Archive goes Global consortium (EVAg), and HSeT aimed to enhance the transfer of knowledge on biobanking by providing an online and practical training. An three months Online training period in the spring was followed by 4 round tables to present and discussion practical aspects related to biobanking including legal, quality and logistic issues, as well as examples of viral biobanks their role, organization and sustainability. The training period terminated with a final exam with a certificate of 5 ECTS credits from the University of Lausanne.

IMVACC training

IMVACC training

The 16 students of the class 2020 have completed the module 2
“Vaccine development” and the module exam. 15 students have
successfully passed the exam and received an attestation with
15 ETCS credits.

Information on the IMVACC program can be found on the IMVACC website

The University of Lausanne (UNIL) is offering an International Master in Vaccinology (IMVACC) developed by the Swiss Vaccine Research Institute (SVRI) and the Health Sciences e-Training Foundation (HSeT) in collaboration with the Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV).

IMVACC comprises one year of on-line teaching of vaccinology followed by a one year master thesis on a vaccine-related activity (industry, basic or translational research, regulatory affairs, etc.). The thesis project can be carried out in the trainee’s institution or in a hosting laboratory. Graduates will gain a broad knowledge of how vaccines are designed, developed, manufactured and implemented through public health programs.

Registration for the class 2021 is now closed.
Students interested by the master program can find information on the IMVACC website.

Scientific Advisory Board

Scientific Advisory Board

November 30 2020

Jozsef Kiss, Emeritus Professor of Neurosciences,

University of Geneva Medical School and Patrick Linder,

Emeritus Professor of Microbiology, University of
Geneva Medical School have joined the HSeT Scientific Advisory Board.

The Advisory Board assists the Foundation Board for the educational questions linked with the activities of the Foundation. It makes recommendations to the Executive Committee concerning the allocation of funds and provides the general follow-up of the educational work.

It also provides scientific guidance to the HSeT team and its members participate to the biweekly meetings.

Scientific Advisory Board

HSeT Board’s news

September 21 2020. At its Board meeting of June 6, 2020, Walter Reith , PhD, Emeritus Professor of Pathology & Immunology, University Medical School, has been appointed member of the Board to replace Prof. Isabelle Décosterd, who resigned. The Board expresses its gratitude for her commitment and contribution over the past years.

IMVACC training

IMVACC diplomas

The four students of the class 2016 have completed the master program and have received 60 ECTS credits and the diploma from the University of Lausanne.

IMVACC (https://imvacc.org) , a Master Advanced Study of Immunology offered by the University of Lausanne, comprises one year of on-line teaching of vaccinology followed by a six months to one year master thesis on a vaccine-related activity

The titles of the master thesis of the 4 trainees were the following:

  • “Potential use of microarray patches for vaccine delivery in low- and middle- income countries” from Nicolas Peyraud that was published in Vaccine (2019. 37:4427-4434)
  • “Challenges and opportunities in introducing HPV vaccine in Cameroon and other African countries” from Luc Christian Gwom
  • “10 years of experience in the acquisition of vaccines for the Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI) in Mexico”. from Rodrigo Romero Feregrino
  • “A cross sectional study into the expanded programme on immunization vaccine (EPI) cold chain management” from Bontle Motloung