Our catalogue of basic immunology consists of fourteen university-level course modules for advanced users. This catalogue also includes video lectures of the modules.

Modules Topics addressed Quiz Number of pages
01-Basic concepts in immunology Three lines of defense
Disease-causing agents
Defense against pathogens
Yes 53 pages
02-Cells of the immune system
Development, distribution, phenotype, activation & function of:
Neutrophils, Eosinophils, Basophils
Mast cells
Monocytes, Macrophages
Dendritic cells
B and T lymphocytes
Innate lymphoid cells, Natural killer cells
Yes 115 pages
03-Lymphoid tissues and organs
Primary lymphoid organs
Bone marrow & Thymus: functional anatomy
Secondary lymphoid organs
Lymph nodes, spleen, MALT: functional anatomy
Extralymphoid tissues
Skin, Airways, Gut, Urogenital tract: functional anatomy
Yes 181 pages
04-Antigen receptors Antigen recognition by T and B cells
B cell receptor
T cell receptor
Immunoglobulin genes
TCR genes
Yes 33 pages
05-Antigen presentation
Antigen sampling
Antigen presentation
Ag-presenting pathways
Ag-presenting cells
Ag-presenting molecules: MHC & CD1
Yes 60 pages
06-Leukocyte migration
Molecular mechanisms of cell extravasation
Migratory routes of leukocytes
Cell adhesion molecules
Yes 76 pages
07- Innate Immunity
Defense mechanisms of epithelial linings
Innate immune recognition strategies
Detection of microbes
Detection of missing self
Detection of altered self
Pattern recognition receptors
Soluble PRR
Phagocytic PRR (Scavenger receptors, Mannose receptor)
Signaling PRR (TLRs, NLRs, RLRs)
The complement
Yes 62 pages
08-T cell immunity
T cell activation
T cell-APC interactions
TCR signaling
T cell differentiation
Conditions of differentiation of CD4 T cells into Th1, Th2, Th17, THF, Treg
Effector T cell functions
CTL, Th1, Th2, Th17, THF, Treg
End of T cell response
T cell exhaustion
Yes 54 pages
09-B cell immunity
T-cell dependent B cell response
B cell activation
B cell differentiation
Extrafollicular pathway
Germinal center reaction (Affinity maturation, Class switching)
Effector B cell functions
Antibody-mediated functions
Distribution and function of Igs
T-cell dependent B cell response
B cell activation
B1 cells and MZ cells
TI antigens
Yes 47 pages
10-Immunological memory
T cell memory
T cell memory subsets
Differentiation pathways
Migratory properties
B cell memory
Memory B cells
Plasma cells
No 14 pages
11-Immunological tolerance Central tolerance (mechanisms)
Peripheral tolerance (mechanisms)
No 13 pages
12-Mucosal immunity
Mucosal surfaces
Innate and adaptive immunity of the airways
Innate and adaptive immunity of the gut
Control of the microbiota
Innate and adaptive immunity of the genital tract
Innate and adaptive immunity of the urinary tract
Yes 69 pages
13-Skin immunity
Innate and adaptive immunity of the skin
No 12 pages
Definition and modes of action
Cytokine families
Cytokine receptors
Signaling pathways
No 76 pages