Our catalogue of oncology consists of a chapter on the hallmarks of cancer, a chapter on carcinogenesis and several small chapters on molecular oncology (tumor angiogenesis, metastatic cascade, tumor stem cells, genomic instability, signaling pathways in cancer, and cell death mechanisms).

Modules Topics addressed Quiz Number of pages
Hallmarks of cancer (for biologists)
Hallmarks of cancer (for medics)
Autonomous cell growth
Evading programmed cell death
Escaping growth inhibitory signals
Acquisition of an unlimited lifespan
Growth beyond natural boundaries
Capacity to attract sufficient blood supply
Deregulation of cellular energetics
Evading immune destruction
Genome instability
Tumor-promoting inflammation
No 23 pages
Angiogenesis & Lymphangiogenesis Normal angiogenesis
Tumor angiogenesis
Angiogeneic factors
Lymphatic vessel formation
No 26 pages
Invasion and metastasis The metastatic cascade
Underlying molecular mechanisms of tumor metastasis
No 21 pages
Tumor stem cells Basic features of stem cells
Hematopoietic, intestinal, skin, mammary gland stem cells
Cancer stem cell
No 18 pages
Genomic instability & cancer DNA lesions and cancer
Mechanisms of DNA repair
No 11 pages
Tumor host interactions Tumor microenvironment
Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition
No 5 pages
Cell death Apoptosis
No 11 pages
Signaling pathways in cancer Chemokine pathway
Hedgehog pathway
JAK/STAT pathway
MAP-kinase pathway
NFκB pathway
Notch pathway
PLC-γ1 pathway
TGFβ pathway
TNFα pathway
Wnt pathway
No 13 pages
Carcinogenesis Epidemiology of cancer
Chemical carcinogenesis: Genotoxicity
Chemical Carcinogenesis: Receptor Mediated
Viral carcinogenesis
In vitro mutagenicity assays
In vivo models of carcinogenesis
Cancer prevention
Yes 109 pages