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CAFÉ-S is a program launched in partnership between HSeT and the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Geneva to help students fill in their gap in mathematics.

To begin scientific training at university, it is important to have fully assimilated the mathematics program at the end of secondary school. Even beyond the first year of the bachelor’s degree, mathematics remains essential for all scientific branches, including medicine and health sciences.
Mathematics is essential for the various bachelors offered by the UNIGE Faculty of Science (biology, chemistry, biochemistry, pharmaceutical sciences, earth and environmental sciences, physics, computer sciences and mathematics of course), which is why it is taught at least during the first year. To begin a scientific formation at university, it is important to have a good grasp of the mathematics syllabus at the end of secondary school. Even after the first year of a bachelor’s degree, mathematics remains essential for all scientific disciplines!

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e-TRIGGER provides training in geriatrics and gerontology for healthcare professionals from all horizons, in a one-year online course. Currently two programs run in parallel – one for Asia & Oceania (ASIO) and one for Africa, Middle East & Europe (AFMEE). A third program for Latin America is expected to start in late 2024. There is one 3-hour teaching session per month, comprising keynote lectures by key opinion leaders, case presentations by junior scholars, and interactive discussion with all the registered students.

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The CAS/DAS in translational nephrology of UZH and UNIBE aims at educating, training and inspiring kidney scientists and doctors. At its core are 6 e-learning modules developed in collaboration with HSeT.

Participants will acquire and strengthen basic knowledge in pathophysiology of kidney disease by studying annotated online resources, clinical cases and key articles and test their progress with online quizzes and evaluations as well as face-to-face sessions with module leaders and tutors.

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The University of Mauritius

The University of Mauritius, In partnership with the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Geneva, the University of Mauritius and the Mauritian Ministry of Health & Quality of Life, HSeT has developed online resources for the undergraduate years 2 and 3 of the MD curriculum. Curricular contents of the MD program of the Bachelor and Master  are derived from the similar program offered by UNIGE.
For the years 2 and 3 of the Bachelor,  HSeT has produced 4  online modules containing each 2 to 3 topics with case studies inspired by the Problem Based Learning (PBL) format of the Geneva curriculum.

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MAS in Toxicology

MAS in Toxicology provides specialized education and training in toxicological sciences and risk assessment with a focus on human toxicology. The MAS in Toxicology leads to a recognized academic qualification, fulfilling the educational requirements of national and international professional bodies towards registration as a toxicologist.
The target audience includes graduates with a Master’s degree in medicine, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, biochemistry, chemistry, and biology. HSeT has developed some of the modules in an online format.
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