Electronic learning or eLearning refers to computer-enhanced learning. It uses Internet technologies to deliver a broad array of approaches that enhance learners’ knowledge and performance.  It is usually associated with the field of advanced learning technology, which deals with both the technologies and associated methodologies in learning.

The e-Learning and e-Training programs for which HSeT offers its distance learning expertise and support are highly interactive, personalized, and customized for the specific needs of workshops, courses, summer schools or master programs. We named our approach COLT for Customized OnLine Training.

COLT offers the ability to tailor teaching to the needs of each individual student in a way that would be impractical in a system designed for large audiences. The implementation of different processes for selecting and organizing activities before, during and after face-to-face sessions provides a paradigm shift for a more sustainable uptake and translation of knowledge. COLT courses are customized  as requested by the organizers of the training program