Data Privacy:

  • HSeT’s e-Learning platforms collect a variety of types of data about trainees, such as personal data, learning progress, scores on quizzes or exams, and course completion rates. Treatment of this data is discussed in the section on “Data protection”.

Intellectual Property:

  • Copyright: The content of HSeT’s e-Learning courses, including text, images, videos, and audio tracks, is protected by copyright law. The content belongs to its creators and they have exclusive rights to its reproduction, distribution, and adaptation.
  • Licenses: It is critical to ensure that the use of e-Learning materials is governed by appropriate. These licenses may restrict permission to use the e-Learning content for a specific purpose, a limited number of users, or a defined period. HSeT uses a « Creative Commons license”.
  • Terms of Use: HSeT’s e-Learning platforms typically have terms-of-use agreements that outline the rights and responsibilities of both HSeT and the users. HSeT’s terms-of-use address acceptable use, data ownership, and dispute resolution.