Learning activities

HSeT provides novel pedagogical approaches and tools to help trainers make the most of their teaching. These include:


  • Annotated articles are original scientific publications which have been enhanced with embedded definitions, links to self-teaching web pages, and thought questions. They also contain a guideline on how to read, evaluate and present an article. This resource can be used as self-learning material or in journal club session where participants are asked to present either the paper or the design of an experimental approach to address a question similar to that raised in the article


  • Interactive biological or medical cases are supported by a web application and are designed to be explored individually or in small groups as part of case-based learning (CBL) program.  As learners proceed through the case, they are asked to answer a series of quizzes designed to help them identify gaps in their knowledge and they receive relevant self-learning material to achieve predefined learning objectives.


  • Virtual microscope tools are designed to be employed before and during histology practicals. Such practicals are proposed online using annotated virtual slides, related teaching material, and quizzes.