Data science with focus on life science and medicine

The course on data science is specifically designed for people with a background in life science and/or medicine. Starting date: autumn 2024​

What is the course about?


  • Taking a front seat in the data analysis process
  • Putting the theory into practice
  • Developing possible data analysis strategies
  • Having the chance to talk to specialists and your colleagues to address doubts/questions you may have
  • Be familiar with a tool you can use in the future as support to analyze your data sets

Why is the course unique?


  • Data and exercises you can relate to
  • Integrative learning path between theory and practice
  • Instructions and videos for Graphpad, Minitab, R and Python scripts available for a large variety of statistical tests and graphs
  • Large flexibility while personalized support

Who is the course for?


  • Life scientists and/or MDs
  • Professionals working with health-related information
  • Statistical knowledge is not required

Course formats


  • Light and flexible: Asynchronous e-learning with live support via forum
  • Interactive: Asynchronous e-learning with live support via forum and live teaching sessions via zoom
  • Personalized: Type interactive with additional private coaching sessions



  • Light and flexible: Students 150 CHF, Others 250 CHF, add-ons extra
  • Interactive: Students 350 CHF, Others 750 CHF
  • Scholarships available, contact HSeT for more information



  • Register here for the course.


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