Our catalogue of pharmocology is composed of an introductory module presenting general points in pharmacology / toxicology and five advanced modules.

Modules Topics addressed Quiz Number of pages
Basic concepts in pharmacology / toxicology Definitions
Fields of study
Types and toxicity of Xenobiotics
Yes 14 pages
Pharmacokinetics Transporters
Metabolism or Biotransformation
Pharmacokinetic parameters
Drug delivery profiles
Yes 51 pages
Pharmacodynamics Cell/ drug interactions (receptor & non-receptor mediated mechanisms)
Binding studies
Relationship between binding and effect
Potency versus Efficacy
Agonism and Antagonism
Synergism and Potentiation
Tolerance and Tachyphylaxis
Adverse Drug Reactions
Pharmacokinetic models
Yes 19 pages
Pharmacogenetics Genetic factors involved in variable drug response
Genetic polymorphisms in drug receptors
Genetic polymorphisms in drug metabolizing enzymes
Genetic polymorphisms in drug binding plasma proteins
Genetic polymorphisms in drug transporters
Disease- or treatment-modifying drug response
Drug dosing and pharmacogenetics
Yes 22 pages
Chronopharmacology Circadian timing system
Circadian transcription factors & detoxification pathways
Yes 13 pages
Toxicology Toxicity mechanisms
Risk characterization (toxicity testing and risk assessment.)
Description of main groups of toxic agents (metals, pesticides,…)
Yes 58 pages
Ecopharmacovigilance Classification & surveillance of pharmaceuticals
Drug development procedure & ecological risk assessment
Case studies: antibiotics, NSAIDs, carbamazepine
No 10 pages