Customized websites are websites tailored to the needs of specific groups of learners as defined by institutions or organizations. Customized websites are password protected. Below is an exhaustive list of websites developed by HSeT for different partners.

Academic institutions

UNIL (Lausanne University)
• UNIGE (Geneva University)
• UZH (Zürich University)
• Ub (Bern University)


Swiss organizations

• SCAHT (Swiss Center for Applied Human Toxicology)
• Advanced Studies in Translational Nephrology (Universities of Bern and Zürich)




Masters Programs

Master in Medical Biology provided by the University of Lausanne
Master in human toxicology SCAHT (Swiss Center of Applied Human toxicology)




UN Agency




European organizations

• CLIC (Clinical Investigator Course, Pharmatrain)
• Pasteur Institute


International organizations

IAGG (International Association of Geriatrics and Gerontology)